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5 Best Beginner Friendly Affiliate Program For You To Start With


Of course, even after all our guides for affiliate marketing, you can be forgiven if you still believe that affiliate marketing and affiliate program is a daunting field, and as a beginner, you might screw some things up.

So that’s why in this article, we’re gonna discuss the 5 best affiliate programs in Malaysia for total newbs.

In no particular order, here they are;

skimlinks affiliate program

When you’re a beginner in the world of affiliate programs, one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing an affiliate program is Ease Of Use. Which makes Skimlinks one of the best if not the best affiliate programs to use for beginners.

Here’s how Skimlinks work. After registering, you’ll be given a string of code for you to paste on your website. After that, Skimlinks will automatically change every link on your website into an affiliate link (where its possible, of course). Easy peasy.

The best part? Skimlinks requires no sign up fee! The only catch is that Skimlinks will take a 25% cut out of every sale you make through them, which is a small fee considering the quality of life improvement it offers.


Clickbank affiliate program

For both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers, the Clickbank affiliate program is a godsend gift. In terms of Ease Of Use, it wins hands down as it only requires a simple sign up method.

Next step? You’re ready to make some money! It’s that easy. Clickbank also offers a wide range of products on their Clickbank Market (digital products) so it doesn’t really matter what niche your blog covers, you’re definitely going to find a product for your website.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

With one of the biggest names in business right now, you also get one of the biggest affiliate programs in the business. With its sheer size and amount of products, Amazon Associates is undoubtedly the best in the business in terms of the products offered.

Unlike Clickbank who focuses more on digital products, Amazon Associates offers you the chance to sell physical products as well. So if reviews are your thing, then Amazon is definitely a must have.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten affiliate program

Before this, Rakuten Marketing used to go by the name of Linkshare. Now, Rakuten focuses more on smaller brands and niche markets. But an important distinction to be made is that unlike Amazon Associates or Clickbank, Rakuten doesn’t sell the products themselves. Instead, they act as a middleman for a select number of products.

So why is Rakuten good for beginners? Simple. Because of their user-friendly interface. Rakuten makes everything super convenient and easy to use, which is great for people who are still getting the hang of affiliate marketing.

eBay Partner Network

ebay affiliate program

Other than Amazon, here’s another e-commerce giant who has branched into affiliate marketing. And just like Amazon, the eBay Partner Program is also very easy to use and geared towards beginners.

Much like the Amazon program, eBay also offers a lot of products on their sites which can help you find products to promote on your website. But a clear advantage eBay has? eBay has proven to be more successful in generating sales, thanks to their Daily Deals section.


So that’s the best 5 affiliate programs in Malaysia for beginners to try out as they learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. Not saying that other affiliate programs should be avoided, but this is the best one for you to start with.

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