Affiliate Marketing In Malaysia : Site Building Mistakes You Need To Correct


Sometimes, even after doing everything correctly, you might feel like your affiliate marketing in Malaysia website is not gaining the traction it’s supposed to. Maybe you’re just not getting enough visitors, or you’re not getting any conversion done.

When this happens, there are a lot of reasons that can be the culprit. But more often than not, it has something to do with your site. When it comes to affiliate marketing in Malaysia, too many affiliate marketers out there focus too much on their SEO, their affiliate programs, their Google ranks, and a lot more when first and foremost, they should focus on their website.

Let’s face it. In affiliate marketing, your website is like your store front. And no one’s gonna buy anything from a run-down, decrepit store.

So today, we’re going to look at 7 critical site-building mistakes that you should definitely avoid for building an affiliate marketing in Malaysia website.

Mistake 1 : Bad Content

Some affiliate marketers feel like their focus should be on their products, and not their content. I’m here to tell you that that could not be further than the truth.

When it comes to building a website for affiliate marketing in Malaysia, there’s one saying that you should always keep in mind; ‘Content Is King’.

Your web content is essentially the life force of your website. It’s very simple. Great content means that you’re priming your website for success. Bad content means that you’re driving your website to it’s early death.

Here’s what the former head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, said;

“Just because somebody dots every i and crosses every t and gets all their HTML structure right, doesn’t mean that it’s good content.”

“Even if you do brain-dead stupid things and shoot yourself in the foot, but have good content, we still want to return it,” Matt said.

Which essentially means, that if your site has great content, Google will reward it, regardless of how poorly optimized and poorly built it is. So what does this tell you?

In terms of site building and SEO, good content trumps all.

Hence, from now on you should definitely focus more on creating great content than just mindlessly following SEO tips.

But how do you create great content?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you three ways you can create top tier content.

Solution 1 : Know Your Audience

If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while, you know what kind of audience does your website attract. If you haven’t even started yet, then just think of your prospective audience. What kind of site are you aiming to be? Who will your primary readers be?

Let’s take a website about football for example. Naturally, your audience will be footballers or fans of football. This means that your content should also be catered to them. But if your content is about basketball or ice hockey, it won’t click with your audience.

Another quick way of understanding your audience is by picking one site to be your major inspiration/reference. Then look at that site for the type of content they create and post.

affiliate marketing in Malaysia
Soccer Bible’s content is mostly transfer news, jersey and boots releases.

Keeping with our football site example, a reference site that can be used is Soccer Bible. Here you can see that their site mostly posts contents such as football news, jersey and boots release, and the likes.

So if you’re looking to create good content for your football site, you can use their content as an indicator of what your content is supposed to be.

Solution 2 : Use Multimedia

As technology progresses, you have to accept that humans are evolving into becoming more visual. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that people now like images and videos.

Gone are the days where you can just write pages and pages of information and make it the hottest content on the block. Nowadays, readers and internet users want more; they want high quality multimedia along with the great informative content you put out.

Let’s take a look at a snippet of this infographic from Jeff Bullas;

According to this infographic, the usage of high quality images can boost your viewers and visitors up to a whopping 94%!

And the best part is, adding images also help with standing out from your competitors!

Affiliate marketing in Malaysia
Here, you can see that more visitors put a lot of consideration into the images you use to determine if they will be using your service or not.

In fact, if you’re willing to put the time and effort, you can even eliminate text entirely from your content. You can deliver your content by using infographics and videos. This way, you’ll be separating your site from all it’s peers.

However, always remember to consider your audience. Before choosing a medium to deliver your content in, always think, “would my audience like it better this way?”.

Solution 3 : Balance Quality And Quantity

After following solution one and two, your site is now flourishing with quality, multimedia rich content. What else is there to do? Now you have to face the age old question, should you prioritize quality or quantity?

Like everything in life, your website requires balance. That goes for the content you put in your website as well.

Although you now know how to create good content, you need to keep the production of such content balanced. If you churn out too much in one go, you’ll risk overwhelming your visitors and dropping the quality of said content. But if you go too long before posting another article then you’ll be forgotten by your visitors.

So try to balance out your content. Always remember to keep your content quality, but don’t forget to put it out regularly.

Mistake 2 : Terrible Load Times

As mentioned above, thanks to the advent of technology and the internet, people are now more visual than ever. However, technology and the internet also means that now, people’s attention span is smaller than ever.

Don’t believe me? Here’s another infographic;

This infographic shows how the attention span of a human being has shrunk in recent years.

Yes, according to this infographic, the average human being nowadays have an attention span of only 8 seconds. That’s even smaller than a goldfish.

Now ask yourself. Do you think your website is slow? How long does your website take to load?

Take a look at this infographic.

According to this infographic from Kissmetrics, the longer your page takes to load, more and more people will abandon your page.

Yes, according to this infographic, anything longer than 3 seconds will cause 25% of your visitors to abandon your page while it’s still loading. The higher the load times go, the higher the percentage of visitors abandoning your page.

So now ask yourself again, is your website slow? Cause if it is, then you’re losing tons of valuable visitors. And for an affiliate marketing in Malaysia website, losing visitors means losing money.

Solution 1 : Image Sizes

Now that we’ve determined that your website is slow and making you lose visitors, let’s look at the solutions. After all, for an affiliate marketing in Malaysia website, losing visitors means losing money. Now the first solution is simple enough. All we have to do is look at the size of your images.

How do you do that? Here’s how.

First, you have to find out just how big the images in your website is. The easiest way to do that is simply by checking the images size on the backend of your website.

But just how big is too big? Well according to most experts, images for a website should be around 80KB-120KB for the most optimized loading time.

If you’re using WordPress, you can easily see the image size by clicking on one of your images, and the details of the image will appear on the right hand side.

As you can see from the image above, the image i selected is a mere 78KB, which means that it won’t be putting a strain on your website at all.

So what should you do when your images are too big? In that case, you can turn to an image optimizer. With an image optimizer, you can choose the file size of your images, the size of them, and you can even adjust the quality! All you have to do is upload the pictures, choose your specifications, and you’re done!

The best part about optimizing your image is that to the naked eye, there are no difference between the 2MB image to the 80KB image. Visually, it’s the exact same picture.

Which means that your reader’s won’t even notice any difference in quality, instead they’ll be getting a faster loading website.

Solution 2 : Get A Better Host For Your Website

Let’s say that you have optimized all your images, and now it’s all in the acceptable file size range. But somehow, your website still takes it time to load.

Then this means that it’s time for you to look for a better hosting service for your website.

One of the biggest mistakes newbie affiliate marketers make is that they believe that hosting services doesn’t matter. Which is why they go for the cheapest option available or even worse, just settle for any free hosting service out there.

The reason why hosting is super important for your website is that the hosting service is responsible for storing all the information, images, files and content that makes up your website. And when someone opens your website, the hosting service is also responsible for presenting everything that is stored to a website.

This means that the lesser hosting services will take more time to present all that into a website than the better ones. And even worse, the free hosting usually uses your website as a place to advertise their hosting service.

So when you’re choosing a cheap or free hosting service, you’re condemning your website to one of these two things; a terrible load time, or a thoroughly unprofessional looking website with advertisements that you don’t want.

So, it’s important for you to not skimp on choosing your hosting service.

If you want your website to help you make money online, then you should invest in the best web hosting services.

Solution 3 : Choosing A Better Theme

As an affiliate marketer, chances are that you’re using WordPress for your website. After all, why not right? WordPress is one of the premier website builders out there, and it sure beats having to create a website from scratch.

And in creating your website on WordPress, you’ve selected a theme. Maybe you chose it because it looks nice. Maybe you chose it for the features.

Hence, there lies your problem. If you’ve optimized the images on your website, and you’ve changed to a new hosting service but your website is still slow to load, it’s probably because your WordPress theme is hugely inefficient.

Which in turn, means that you have to change your theme.

So here are a few tips on how to choose a theme in WordPress,

  1.  Don’t choose a bloated theme. Remember that nowadays, minimalism is in trend. Try and leverage that and keep your features minimal. This will help your site performance.
  2. Choose a responsive theme. Responsive in this context means that your website is not only easy to view on laptop screens, but across multiple devices.
  3. Consider buying a premium theme. Although free themes can be great, some of them are just disasters waiting to happen. Consider spending a little money on premium themes.

Before we get into how to fix broken links, let’s look at what broken links are first. Simply speaking, a broken link is a webpage that can’t be accessed or found by a visitor to the website. When a broken link is pressed or typed in the address bar, most web browsers will return an error code when anyone tries to visit the broken link. The famous error 404 is one instance of this.

How does a broken link happen? The reasons vary, such as a simple typographical error, or a changed URL structure, or some elements on your website has been deleted, many more.

You might be asking, what’s the big deal with a couple of broken links? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s more serious than you think. You see, the thing about broken links is that they affect SEO. The more broken links you have, the harder it is for you to be ranked on Google. Which in turn, will make it even harder for you to get visitors.

Now let’s get looking at the solutions.

Solution : Use The Google Search Console

First things first, before you can repair your broken links, you have to find those broken links. And the easiest way to do that is by using the Google Search Console.

With Google Search Console’s tool, you can do a bevy of stuff with your affiliate marketing in Malaysia website. But for today’s purpose, we’re going to use the ‘Coverage’ function.

Once you’ve selected your website, all you have to do is click on the ‘Coverage’ button on the left hand side.

You will be presented with a report of your website that looks like this;

This is an example of the report you’ll see from the Google search console.

As you can see, the example I’ve presented has no issues which means there are no broken links. But if there are broken links on your website, then you should be seeing them on the bottom of the report.

From there, the next step’s simple. You can either redirect your broken links to another relevant page, recreate the content that is missing, or you can even leave it as a 404. Just remember, if you’re living it as 404, make sure that the page is a ‘hard’ 404, not a ‘soft’ 404. You can find more information on that here.

Mistake 4 : Your Website Uses Flash

Back in the early days of the Internet, Flash was everywhere. It’s used in every website that wants to display any kind of multimedia.

You want to embed a video on your website? Flash. You want to create simple desktop applications? Flash. You want to display rich animations on your website? Flash. In short, Flash was quintessential in the early 2000’s.

But nowadays, Flash has fallen from grace, and it has fallen hard. Nowadays, Flash is treated almost like a leper. Any website that uses Flash will be avoided like the plague.

Flash’s downfall is caused by a multitude of reasons, but the most important one we need to know right now is that it’s super inefficient.

Using Flash almost definitely means that your website is going to be slow, due to the immense amount of work it asks from the browser.

Therefore, you should avoid using Flash.

Solution : Use HTML5

If Flash was the old standard, HTML5 is the new. HTML5 can do everything that Flash did, but with one huge difference. HTML5 is not a wildly inefficient, as how Flash was.

Thanks to being run natively in the browsers instead of having to be installed as a plugin like Flash, HTML5 is much more efficient at using a browser’s processing power.

So if you have any videos embedded in your affiliate marketing in Malaysia website using Flash, change it to HTML5. You can do this by embedding videos on your website via Youtube or Vimeo.

Mistake 5 : Lack Of Mobile Friendly Optimization

Remember when I told you that your website needs to be responsive? In case you don’t know, responsive means that it needs to be viewable in any device.

And if your website is not responsive, your website will not be getting any visitors. Simple as that. The reason for this is because as of recent years, Google has placed a massive importance on the mobile-friendliness of a website for their SEO. Simply speaking, if your website is not mobile friendly, your website will not rank on Google.

But why all the importance on mobile devices? The reason is simple. Because more and more people in the world is using mobile devices to browse the internet. Check out this infographic.

In the USA, the number of mobile internet user have been steadily rising since 2009.

Don’t believe me? Here’s another one.

China’s statistics shows an even more radical growth, with almost 98% of internet users are mobile.

From these pictures, you can see that the rise of mobile internet is not going to stop, so you might as well just embrace it.

Solution: Choose A More Responsive Theme

Remember how I told you earlier that you should choose a WordPress theme that is responsive? Well that advice applies here as well.

Just filter your theme searches with the words ‘responsive’ or ‘mobile friendly’ and choose one that is to your liking.

If you want to check whether your current website is responsive or not, just go back to the Google Search Console, and click on the ‘Mobile Usability’ button on the left hand side.

Here, you can see just how responsive your website is.

With a more responsive website, you can be sure that your website’s SEO will be better and more visitors will flock to your website.

So next time you’re starting an affiliate marketing in Malaysia website, remember these 5 cardinal mistakes and do everything you can to avoid them.

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