Affiliate Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To


In 2019, it is safe to say that the field of affiliate marketing is not the same as it is when it started. So many advances have been made, and that goes double when talking about the innovations that the field have gone through.

So now in this article, let’s discuss affiliate marketing trends that are currently gripping the both affiliate marketers and affiliate programs alike right now. This is what you need to focus on if you want to make money with affiliate program in Malaysia.

Hyper Targeted Niches

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A frequent example of a niche done right, This Is Why I’m Broke sells valuable but nonsensical products to the Internet users.

During the early days of affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers used to act as a catch all for affiliate programs. Meaning, that they will advertise any products or services on their website, as long as it can make them some money.

But nowadays, with the prevalence of niches in affiliate marketing and affiliate programs, affiliate marketers and influencers have started making their affiliate links hyper targeted towards their niches.

Although the amount of traffic generated might be lower than a catch-all affiliate program, the traffic generated by hyper targeted niches are of a higher quality. This leads to higher conversion rates. This is because hyper targeting generated traffic and leads are more likely to be interested in the advertised products.

Better Affiliate Reports And Attributions

Back in the day, affiliate marketing was simple. The way it goes back then was, whoever got the last click will earn the commission. But it could not stay that way. After all, affiliate marketing is growing to be way deeper and more complicated. Now, it is unfair to only grant the last click with compensation.

Nowadays, thanks to better reporting and attributions on affiliate programs, even affiliate marketers that didn’t manage to secure the last click can be compensated, as long as they contributed to the sale.

For example, let’s say that Affiliate A’s link leads to Affiliate B’s link which converts the sale. Instead of Affiliate A getting nothing, he will also be compensated. This is thanks to the existence of full-funnel, cross section view of how each affiliate marketing programs work with each other.

Smarter Affiliate Marketers

It goes without saying that the older affiliate marketing gets, the smarter the affiliate marketers get as well. Nowadays, it’s not strange to hear of some affiliate marketers that has gotten so large and influential, that even the affiliate programs rely on them as their main source of revenue and traffic.

When this happens, the affiliate marketer is in the position to demand for better commission rates and bonuses from the affiliate programs.  Hence, in order to secure this position for themselves, affiliate marketers are getting more and more creative in trying to generate revenue and traffic.

Mobile-First Approach


Remember how before this affiliate marketing have slowly shifted from PC focused to more and more mobile responsiveness?

Now it’s the next step in that evolution, as affiliate marketers are now moving towards a mobile-first approach in their affiliate marketing program.

The reason to this is because of the ever rising number of mobile browsing done by the users of the internet nowadays. Affiliate marketers understand that if they don’t pay special attention to these group of people, they will be missing out on a sizeable chunk of the potential income.

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