Affiliate Prompting Tips: How To make Them Stay



Before we talk about how to actually prompt an affiliate to help your business out, some may be wondering what does an affiliate actually mean? It is basically an official attachment of one business entity to another. It involves a contract or agreement and a public announcement that confirms the connections between both businesses. Okay so that is a brief summary to help you understand the term. Now to the important question. Why isn’t your affiliate active? 

As an affiliate sometimes they may need your help to remember their role. You have to encourage them to be active instead of assuming that they are going to do it on their own. You may wonder what actually causes them to become less active and how can you make them become active again? Well keep reading and I will help you understand.

Impulse sign ups

Sometimes a person may have only signed up because they noticed someone else such as a friend or family member doing so. However, upon signing up they may have noticed a few things. Firstly, the product that they are trying to promote does not match the audience that they have. Secondly, they may not have much knowledge of the product that they are promoting. Lastly, they might also be too busy to even promote the product. 

If this is the case then you should just call off the agreement because there is very little or no hope in them to ever help your business out.

A competitor’s affiliate 

When someone notices a better offer, they might just choose to back out on you. It is pretty common in the marketing world and you should not let that bring you down. Usually it is best to understand why this happens.Your competitors may have included better promotions, higher commissions and have better affiliate tools. 


Talk to your affiliates and listen to what caused them to actually leave. For example, if they tell you that your tools were an issue and that your competitors has offered better. Let them be and work on improving your tools. Once you have done so, you can approach them. Let them know that you have listened and made the necessary improvements. Conversions may also be another reason that caused them to leave. It’s best to investigate how your competitors are getting more conversion rates than you. Ensure that you are doing the best you can to help you affiliates campaigns so that they get more conversions. While doing that also work on your sales funnel to bring in more conversions.

They do not know how to do it

Moving on, your affiliate might have left because they just have no clue on how to even get started. Below are a list of ways in how you could actually help them out:


  • Teach them how to do promotions through webinars
  • Create tutorials that they can keep watching when needed
  • Online meeting with them
  • Create a promo checklist for them

It is your job to ensure that your affiliate is updated and knows how to help promote your product. Moreover, don’t wait for them to tell you they do not know. Reach out to them, show them you care.

They’ll do it later

When it comes to this reason, there are usually only two explanations. First being that they will really do it later and the other may be that they are just saying it. In most cases, people tend to fall under the second category. There are a few ways to help you solve this:

Divide them

Through you reports you will know which are your highest and lowest ranking affiliates. Separate them into groups and you can coach them differently. For example the ones on the lower ranks could be promoted to a higher one if they can prove it to you. Help pushing them and see if they will come through.

Affiliate business model

It is common that you would only prefer talking to those who actually have an interest in what you are doing. Talking to people that are not interest is just a waste of time. Look into your affiliate business site or ask what their mode of business is. Don’t just jump to conclusions. If they can benefit from your offer then they will surely be interested.

Provide them with resources


If you want them to help you, then ensure all your links, banners, landing campaigns and other medias are up to date.Provide you affiliate with press releases and further informations so that they will be able to understand more about your product. Send them newsletters, emails and even updates so that they will know how to help you out as well.


Communication is essential in ensuring your affiliates will keep helping you and your business out. Keep reaching out to them. This way you can help them and they can also help you. Besides, it is important that if you had already made certain promises that you should actually keep them. An affiliate is good in helping you to build a brand identity as they can reach out to more people through their social media accounts. Provide your affiliates with rewards and incentives to show your appreciation. Lastly, do not give up and keep trying. Your affiliates are people too and sometimes they just need a little push,


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