Affiliate Marketing : How To Choose The Best Affiliate Products


If you’ve read my guide on what is affiliate marketing, you’ll know that affiliate marketing is currently one of the best ways to make money from home in Malaysia. But when it comes to affiliate marketing, there is one thing that is truly defines the success of the affiliate marketing website. That’s right, this one simple thing can be the difference between make-or-break of your website. What am I talking about? I’m talking about your affiliate products of course.

Yes, your affiliate products is that one factor that can determine the success or failure of your affiliate marketing website. Some might even call it the single most important factor in affiliate marketing.

After all, you can have the best affiliate marketing website with all the most amazing features. Perfect SEO, tons of visitors, and everything, but your website will not be getting you any income if you’re not selling your affiliate products.

And you won’t sell anything if you don’t know how to choose the best affiliate products out there. So for this article, we’re going to be looking at how to best choose your affiliate product.

Select A Profitable Niche

One of the biggest mistakes that a beginner affiliate marketer can do is trying to sell everything. Too many new affiliate marketers fall into this trap. They thought that by covering a wide range of topics they can sell a lot of affiliate products, which translates into more money.

This is superficial, and really bad for your affiliate website. Why?

Because all this does is that it makes your website to be seen as cluttered and unfocused, and it will fail to attract any visitors.

Instead, what you should be doing is selecting a niche for yourself.

What is a niche? Well simply speaking, it’s a topic or area that appeals to a smaller section of people.

You might believe that appealing to a smaller section of people is bad, but this way it’s easier for your website to be recognized as an authority for the niche. This leads to more visitors from people who are interested in the niche, which in turn leads to more conversions.

Some of the niches that are popular with affiliate marketing websites in Malaysia includes wedding, gadgets, pets, beauty products, and more.

affiliate products
Dogfoodadvisor is a great example of how having a unique niche can help determine the success of your website.

So how do you select a niche for yourself? My advice will be, try selecting something that you’re interested in yourself. This way, it’s easier to find content for your website as it’s something that you know yourself.

This is not necessarily a must, but it makes things easier for you.

Another thing that you should make sure of before you select your niche, is just how profitable your niche is.

So how do you check this? Simple. Just run a Google search on your niche. If you see other affiliate marketing websites covering the same niche, it’s usually an indicator that there’s money to be made in that niche.

Try The Products Yourself

If you’ve been reading the affiliate marketing guides that I’ve written before, you’ll realize that there’s one thing I always recommend that every aspiring affiliate marketer to do, which is try out the products yourself.

You have to understand, although affiliate marketing at it’s very core is basically selling stuff, you are not a salesman.

Too many beginner affiliate marketers try to sell everything they can just to make a quick profit, but I can guarantee that this method don’t work.

Why? Because you don’t know the quality of the products yourself.

Let’s say your visitors bought a product from your website, and they found out that the product not only does not do what it’s advertised to do, it doesn’t even work. And to make it worse, you talked up the product in your affiliate marketing website.

Now, due to one terrible product,  not only have a disgruntled customer in your hands, you also lost something far more important : the trust of your customers.

In affiliate marketing, the trust of your customers is very important. It’s that trust in you that made them choose to buy from your website, and that trust will lead them to buy more products from you.

In other words, the trust of your customers is what keeping your website alive.

So always try your best to test out each and every products you sell by yourself, so that you won’t cheat your customers.

Cater To Your Audience

If you want to sell your affiliate products, one thing that you must remember to do is to know your audience.

But just knowing your audience won’t be enough. You also have to cater to them.

What does catering to your audience means in this context? Simple, you sell products that you know will interest them.

Let’s say your website is a website about gardening. In your website, your content is about nothing but gardening. Do you think your audience will be interested if your affiliate products are things like fishing rods or basketball shoes?

No, those things will not interest your audience. What you should be using as your affiliate products, are things like gardening tools, fertilizers, flower seeds, things like that.

Let’s look at another website for an example.

The WireCutter is a website that focuses on writing reviews of electronic gadgets, appliances, and tech. Their content includes things like reviews on a pair of headphones, cameras, television sets, and computers. Naturally, their audience is largely made up of people who want to know more about electronic gadgets.

The Wirecutter is a great example of an affiliate website that plays to its audience.

True to their content, the products they use as their affiliate products are the very stuff they review. Thus, killing two birds with one stone. They use the products that they sell themselves, and they cater to their audience.

Try Not To Follow Others

Let’s face it. It’s 2019, and affiliate marketing is now a huge industry, with everyone and their mothers trying it out.

This means that no matter what obscure niche you chose for your affiliate website, chances are there will be other affiliate websites in the same niche.

But you don’t have to be discouraged by this, in fact having competitors is a good thing. With the presence of competitors, you can tell that your niche is something that can make money, and you also can use their website as a reference for your website.

But what you need to avoid doing is, following the crowd.

In every niche, there will be a product that is so popular with the audience, that all the affiliate websites are selling it. Although a popular product is easy to sell, resist the temptation to follow the crowd and sell the same thing.

Instead, what you should be doing is try and find a hidden gem in your niche. A hidden gem is something that no one else knows about. This way, you can avoid direct competitors in the same niche.

Of course, I’m not telling you not to sell popular products. I’m saying that instead of focusing all your attention towards the popular products, try and suggest other alternatives as well.

Sell Evergreen Affiliate Products

One of the things that makes affiliate marketing takes a lot more effort than most people think is the need to update your website after a specific period of time.

One thing that will help with that is by selling evergreen affiliate products. Evergreen products means products that are timeless and relevant through out the times.

After all, some products fizzle out after a while of being popular. Or, the manufacturer might come up with a newer version of the product, which makes the one displayed on your website obsolete.

When this happens, you have to update the website page pertaining to the product and all the affiliate links on it as well.

Hence, it’s so much easier if you sell products that evergreen.

Another thing you have to remember is that the definition of a niche does not have to be hobbies or interests of other people.

A good example of this is This Is Why I’m Broke. Instead of focusing on a hobby or interest as their niche, they decided that their niche will cover a bigger field; novelty items.

affiliate products
They sell a variety of novelty affiliate products, which will help them sell more products to more people.

This way, you can sell more affiliate products as your niche covers a bigger demographic. And if you haven’t noticed, their novelty products are also very evergreen in nature.

Most of them plays at the sense of nostalgia of the visitors, which means that even after years, the products will likely stay relevant.

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