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Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid


People tend to see people who work as a blogger as no-brainer.  They think blogger jobs are so easy, all the things that they do just sit in front of the computer writing things and post it to the internet. Even monkeys can do bloggers’ jobs. But when they try to be a blogger just for a day. As expected, they did mess things up. Their words hit them and at that moment they realize that being a blogger is not as easy and stressless as it seems. Don’t worry because it is normal and always happens to new bloggers. It is quite fortunate because you can avoid making the mistakes that almost all beginner bloggers do.

Content that only interest you

Don’t ever post contents that only interest yourself. When you start writing, It is common when your idea suddenly comes at you at random time. But you should consider whether the content would be interesting and catchy to the readers or not. You should keep in your mind that you, yourself, are not the intended audience. The purpose of blogging itself is to solve the problems of your audience. At the same time you also can grow your business. This could be the chance to make money from home. Your blog should serve the goal. Audience might be there reading your content, but they will lose their interest towards your blog.

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Digressing points

It is true that you are encouraged to let your personality shine through your writing. But still you shouldn’t abuse the privilege you have. Don’t bring up things that are too personal, it doesn’t matter if it is about you or others. Your audience will feel like they are reading your diaries or a novel rather than a blog. Please use less anecdotes and analogies. Your audience is not sitting in front of you. You can’t guarantee they will pay total attention to you without bouncing to another article. To avoid your content from losing any more audience, please restate your points in every section in the article. So, the points or massages that you tend to deliver would gradually be received by the audience. If you are writing about how to take care of a plant, please do not spend the whole 2 or 3 paragraph just to tell a story. We all know that plants could not live without water, but what is your point? Just a brief introduction would be enough.

Topic are too big

This is also a mistake that new bloggers always make. When they start blogging,they tend to write on really huge topics such as:

  • How to make money online
  • How to do media marketing
  • The best business practices

Just keep up your content with more specific topics, because topics that are too much might not be suitable to certain of your readers. If you are not really sure what topic you are going to write, you can try Blog Ideas Generator to brainstorm your content idea. This tool can help you the info about basic terms you want to know and the produce 5 sample blog titles

These are the tips that might help you to improve and learn from your mistakes. Please never repeat the same mistakes again. 

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