How Social Media Content Planning Works


Social Media is an important tool to help your business grow. By using social media you will be able to reach out to many people and create a wide space for your business to display itself. However, it isn’t as easy as you think to use social media to market your business, you will need to have a strategy that is well built and understood. Social media content planning is essential because it will help your postings remain consistent, avoids last minute preparation of searching for content to be posted and helps you post on trending topics while they are still trending. 

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So let’s move on and look at the steps of how social media content planning works:

Set assessable targets for your Social Media

Before you plan your content for social media you need to have targets that can be accessed. You will have to understand why your business needs to use social media platforms and not just use it because you want to keep up with the trend

Goals and objectives that you could have for your social media platform are driver conversions, connections to be build with potential customers, establishing industry authority and to raise brand awareness

Audit Social Media Channels

This involves you looking at the platforms that you are already on and thinking if you should stay on them or leave or even add new platforms. The audit that we are talking about means evaluating your existing social media presence. Ask yourselves these questions to help your evaluation process:

Is my audience on that channel?

Try to go through your competitors social media accounts and observe their presence. This will help you in setting up your own channels as well. Look at the platforms that they utilize, observe the size of their audience and check out if they are getting engagements.

Do I have Time To Invest?

Never have a channel that you would not have time to generate content for. This will create a bad impression as your social media channel won’t be active and audiences will grow tired. Do not create too many accounts that you cannot manage.

Can I relate success on this channel back to the actual business objectives?

The great thing about social media is that it can help with supporting many business objectives. The main rule is to make sure you are conscious with your efforts and how do those efforts actually affect your business?

Optimize Your Social Channels

Okay this step is fairly easy, all you have to do is ensure your social media channels are filled up at all required fields. Ensure the bio is filled, there is a link back to your website and that there is a profile and/or cover picture. Basically everything that your audience can see needs to be filled.

Have a plan for creating visual content

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Social media content planning obviously means you need to have a proper strategy to let your visuals be seen by your audience. When it comes to a business platform you cannot just post anything and everything. Sometimes you may have issues with some of the aspects of the visuals. Below are how you can plan around creating visual content


Not everyone is good with taking professional videos. So one way you can overcome this issue is to start by using your phone. A smartphone can help you make basic videos for your site if you know how to use it the right way.


Incase you lack in the designing skills, there are always other options that could help you out. There are graphic design tools such as Canva and Info.gram that will be able to assist any rookie in creating beautiful visual aids for their social media.

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Image Editing

If photoshop may be a little too pricey for you there are other options you could try for editing your images. Try using GIMP or even VSCO. 

Build A Simple Strategy

Next in social media content planning, is thinking of what to do when you can’t generate your own content. Not everyone is able to come up with creative content all the time so at times you will have to think of alternative things to post so that your site always remains active. The best solution is to post existing contents from your other business sites. This could include blog posts, web pages, announcements, infographics or any other visulas that is related to your business. By doing so you will be able to keep your audiences as they would not get bored of following your site. Other than that, you should also consider:

Avoid Talking Too Much About Yourself

Even as humans we hate it when someone constantly brags about themselves, it comes off as ignorant and annoying. Best way to avoid is to:

  • Include curated content on your postings calendar
  • Choose platforms that publish content relevant to yours 
  • Follow the 5-3-2 rule: This basically means 5 shares from curation 3 created content and 2 fun messages

Native Social Video

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Important on many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Instead of sharing videos from other sources or external links, upload directly from the social media site instead. 

Establish Posting Schedule

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Moving on, It’s normal for you to want to know what are the best times to post your content. This is because you surely want to receive more views and in order to do so you need to know what are the times that your followers are normally active. 

This requires a little more effort you can do your research but different studies will show different data as certain targeted audiences may engage on different times. You can use the approaches below :

  • Use data from the industry as a starting point
  • Utilize your own data to eventually create conclusions
  • Facebook and Instagram also provides you with insights to show when your followers are active while Twitter has an application known as Tweroid to let you know the same thing.
  • Create a social media calendar
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Creating your Posting Calendar

This step in social media content planning is essential as it organises your posts to avoid creating a mess. Essentially it helps you plan each social network to customize posts, this will avoid redundancy or spams of similar postings. Moreover, you will be able to track your social media performance and it gives you time to plan for future postings such as holidays and observance days. A social media posting calendar is a good way to plan your content as it improves efficiency too. 

Social Media Content Calendar Tools

Next, since you know why posting calendars are important here are a few tools that you could use to help you out:


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This tool includes cards, boards and lists that you can customize to plan out your to do lists. You could plan several things including content calendar management, campaign plans and house ideas. Besides, you could even assign these plans to various team members along with due dates and comments. With the full calendar view it makes it simpler to predict what content needs to be published and when it should take place. 

Microsoft Excel

This is a very useful tool especially for social media content planning. You can customize everything according to your main priorities and focuses


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Moving on, this tool is a note taking application that can be used to follow up with parts that make up a social media campaign. It also makes keeping track of yearly, monthly, weekly and hourly logs easy. 

Google Drive

Lastly, is something that is common to almost everyone. This application has useful features that makes it simple for any social media marketer. It can track editorial and social media calendars while aligning posts with new blog content. The calendars can easily be shared with other team members so that scheduling conflicts can be prevented.

Steps to use the calendar

  1. Insert your content in each cell. Be sure to follow your posting schedule that has been created
  2. Insert, the actual copy, images or video links that you would use or just note which times you’ll post
  3. Mix up with various contents
  4. Avoid reposting similar contents frequently


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