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How To Drive And Increase Traffic To Your Blog In A Few Easy Steps


In the old days of blogging, there was an adage among the bloggers that “older is always better”. It came out from the fact that during that time, the adage was true. The only way you can increase your blog traffic is by creating quality content, and wait for your blog to be recognized.

But in the modern era of blogging, the adage no longer holds true. Now,  there are many ways to increase your blog traffic.

So without further ado, here’s six ways to increase your blog traffic, to help you make money blogging in Malaysia.

Create More Content

If you have been blogging for more than one month, you’d probably have already heard of this phrase, “content is king”. And although nowadays there are more and more ways of generating traffic for your blog, it all comes back to this.

Think about it this way. Sure, you can generate traffic through all the other ways, but the only reason your readers will stick around is your content.

But this doesn’t mean you should create new content blind, without any thought behind it. If you want to drive traffic to your blog by creating more content, then you should give more thought in marketing your content.

Think about what your readers want. Think about what will get the market flocking to your blog, then write about that.

Utilize Your Keywords

For most bloggers, the term SEO might be greeted as a nuisance, if not downright scary. But in order to ensure your blog gets the traffic it needs, then you need to start getting familiar with the term.

First step in starting up your SEO process is identifying your keywords. Then, the next step will be to insert those keywords in your post. But this doesn’t mean that you should stuff your keywords. Use it sparingly, and use it smartly. Do your research. There are a ton of articles out there that can help you use your keywords for SEO purposes. But the main point is, don’t shy away from using keywords. You can always use plugins such as Yoast! to help you SEO your blog

Look For Your Readers

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is waiting for their blog to be found by readers. Most of them hope that by creating good content, one reader will stumble upon their blog, and that reader will spread the word. In short, leaving everything to chance.

If you want your blog to be successful, then don’t wait for the readers to come, go to the readers. Do some aggressive marketing. Go to other blogs, promote your blog in their comment sections, identify your readers, and go where your readers spend their time and tell them about your blog. Marketing matters, especially if you don’t want your blog to be just another blog in the vast internet sea.

Prioritize Speed And Mobile Responsiveness

Did you know that in 2017, 58.9% of internet users are browsing on mobile? That’s more than half, and that’s a huge leap from the 48.8% recorded in 2014. And in coming years, the number is projected to rise even more.

Hence, it is paramount that you keep your blog load speed fast, and your blog is responsive for mobile users. If not, you’ll be losing out on a huge chunk of the pie. Talk to your website developer, look for ways to make your blog more responsive and faster than before. You will be reaping the rewards sooner or later.

Make Connections

Lastly but not least, you should always make connections with other bloggers. The blogosphere is a vast place, and the more friends you have the better. You can take turns writing guest posts on each other’s blog, and you can promote each other’s blog as well.

It gets even better if you can make friends with a bigger blog that is in the same niche as yours. This way, you can ask for tips, exchange ideas, and you will have bigger reach in the community.

If you do all this, you won’t be having any trouble with making money by blogging in Malaysia.

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