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How To Make Money As A Food Blogger?

The world revolves around food. We need it to survive, we share it on social media and make money with it? Yes, you can make money with it!

The world revolves around food. We need it to survive, we share it on social media and – make money with it?

Yes, you can make money with it! It’s a very popular niche in blogging. HOW?

Everyone wants to try new delicious food and most importantly get a photo of it for their Instagrams. So food photos or blogs can gain lots of attention if the photos are attractive.

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1. Start Blogging

The first step is easy – just create a blog and start writing.

All you have to do is start writing about the simplest things you like; favorite food, restaurants, and the list goes on.

The more you write the higher the chances of someone stumbling upon your blog and take a liking on your posts. At first you might be intimidated to try other things besides writing but as time goes on you should experiment with different ways to put content on your blog.

Some of the ways include posting photos, videos and newsletter. All of these will help you on your journey in becoming a food blogger to monetize your blog.

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2. Search for Different Sources of Income

Your blog won’t be your only source of income when you become a food blogger because you can find sponsors, be a product ambassador or even earn income through affiliate programs.

All this methods can help increase your revenue in the long run. You just have to be open to try new ways to gain some side income.

If you’re even adventurous, you may even set up a Youtube channel to help promote your blog and make money from doing a few sponsorship. Youtube is becoming more popular because people would rather watch then read .

So you may incorporate the contents you want for your blog into a video which will further increase the number of views you get because the more people you attract the more money you can earn as a food blogger.



3. Have SEO Friendly Posts

If you are familiar with SEO this will be an added bonus because, if your posts have high SEO quality the higher the chance for it to rank on search engines.

This will help you gain more viewers for your posts so that you can make money. But you have to make sure that your posts are search-engine optimized for it to rank higher. So how to do it?

There are multiple ways to check for the SEO for your posts, but we recommend you using Yoast SEO Plugin.

Any specifications on SEO you want for your posts can be done with the plugin as it will tell you what SEO parts you lack after you’re done writing and you can immediately amend it and have an SEO friendly post.

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4. Collaborate with Other Food Bloggers

Collaboration is the key to help your blog grow and also help you make money.

Having people with similar interests not only makes it easy for you to mingle with but also helps you on your journey as a food blogger.

These people might have more experience and they can share their experience and you can learn and benefit from that. It will also be helpful for you as there is mutual understanding because of your similar interest with them which you can use to support each other.

Having friendships with other food bloggers will also widen your networking and can lead you to make more money as a food blogger.


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