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Best Shopify Plugins You Need To Install To Boost Your Business (Part 1)


In our reviews, we’ve compared Shopify with other eCommerce platforms, and we’ve also written an in-depth review of Shopify. And if you’ve read both of those reviews before, then you’d know that Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. But does that mean that there is no room for improvement? Of course not. There’s always room for improvements, and that’s where the Shopify Plugins comes in.

As an eCommerce platform, Shopify recognizes the fact that sometimes a view from the outside might reveal problems or solutions that they did not notice. Which is why they came up with a feature called the Shopify App Store.

Shopify plugins
Shopify app store is the home of hundreds of apps that will help your eCommerce business run smoothly

With Shopify App store, Shopify successfully created a platform where people can find those extra tools to help them run their business. But of course, not all of them are created equally, so in this article, let’s take a look at the best Shopify Plugins you can install for your Shopify website.


shopify plugins
Seguno is an email marketing plugin that will help you create an email list to better connect with your customers

First in our list, we have Seguno : Email Marketing. The name of the plugin says it all really, it’s a plugin to help you manage your email marketing campaign.

If you’ve been reading any of our eCommerce tutorials, you’ll know that one of the ways to generate bigger income for your business is by creating an email marketing list. Well Seguno is here to help you with that.

Seguno is seamlessly integrated within the Shopify dashboard, and it will help you send all the newest and freshest discounts to your customers email list.

Some of the features it offers is full automation of standard emails, such as welcome emails to new subscribers, discount reminders, thank you note for new purchasers, and many more.

And the cherry on top of the pie that is Seguno is the fact that they offer full integration with Mailchimp. So to those who’ve been using Mailchimp as their primary email marketing tool, you can import your contacts and your data from Mailchimp to Seguno without any worries.

How much does Seguno cost? That’s another beautiful part of Seguno, as it offers free and paid subscription. So it’s perfect for any Malaysian startups, or even established businesses.

Instant Traffic

Shopify plugins
Instant Traffic is a nifty little plugin that allows you to post ads to your online store.

Tired of trying to find new ways to drive traffic to your online store? Then Instant Traffic is the plugin for you. Out of all Shopify plugins that claims to drive traffic for your store, Instant Traffic is one of the best, and the easiest to understand.

The way Instant Traffic works is simple enough. With this plugin, you will be able to advertise your store on other people’s store. The only catch is, you have to advertise other people on your store as well.

Think of it as an ad space exchange programme. But the beauty of Instant Traffic comes from the fact that you can select the categories you don’t want advertised at your store, which means you will have a certain degree of control over the ads you post on your business website.

In case you have an aesthetic going for your store and don’t want the ads to mess with them, don’t worry! Instant Traffic also allows you to edit the color of the background and the text of the ad so it won’t clash with your store.

How much does it cost? That’s another plus point! Instant Traffic offers both free and paid plans, which means that it can cost you nothing!

Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shopify plugins
Shogun Landing Page Builder helps you customize and build your landing page to your liking, which will help conversions.

Ask any website developer, and they’ll tell you that the most important part of a website is the landing pages, no matter the type of website. I’ve seen too many Malaysian online stores out there neglecting their landing pages, and some even just don’t have any landing pages.

But landing pages are important. They help your customers learn about your business, improves engagement, and enhances credibility. Which is why the third plugin in our list is the Shogun Landing Page Builder.

The clue is in the name, this Shopify plugin helps you build and customize your landing page to be exactly as you want. From Design contact us forms / contact pages, Coming soon, About us pages and more, everything is customisable. Shogun also offers SEO tools, to help you drive traffic?

Shogun Landing Page Builder starts from $39/month (RM 162.81) and it offers a free 10 days trial.

Instant Upsell

Shopify Plugins
Instant Upsell allows you to create and promote discount coupons on your online store.

Next in our list of best Shopify plugins, is a plugin designed to help you further boost your sales.

Instant Upsell allows you to create and promote discount codes to your customers, which will boost your sales! With it’s interactive and intuitive dashboard, even the least tech savvy of online store owners can create their own discount code.

Instant Upsell also offers a very quick conversion, by allowing customers to directly apply the coupons on their purchases. You can also choose how you want to display the discount codes, publicly, through promotion bars, or through amount of purchase.

So all in all, Instant Upsell is the best Shopify plugin if you’re looking to create discount codes for your customers!

Shopee Channel

Shopify Plugins
Shopee Channel is a very straightforward and simple plugin.

And last but certainly not least in our list of Shopify plugins, is the Shopee Channel.

The aim of Shopee Channel is very simple indeed, it allows you to publish your store’s listing to Shopee in mere minutes. Now the reason why this is one of the best plugins you can install is because Shopee is quite simply, the most popular shopping channel in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, most people likes to do their online shopping through Shopping apps such as Lazada, Shopee, and many more. Which is why if your shop is integrated through Shopee, it will help boost your sales by a lot.

Although it’s still very new, it is a worthy inclusion to your online store purely due to it’s features. The plugin allows you to publish product images, descriptions, variations, inventory, SKUs and prices to Shopee, keep Shopee inventory counts up to date, create Shopify orders when there are Shopee orders and many more.

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