Best Shopify Plugins You Need To Install To Boost Your Business (Part 2)


Previously we have discussed on some of the plugins you should consider to install to boost your business on shopify. This article is a continuation, as there are a few more plugins that will help in making your business grow wider. If you have read Part 1, you would have understood that Shopify provides tools in order to help your business run smoothly.

So let’s check out a few other apps that would be useful for you:

Pickupp Same Day Deliveries

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First in our list of Shopify Plugins, is Pickupp. Pickupp provides you with the useful option of a door to door, on demand delivery within four hours. It’s an ideal app if your business is mostly targeting people around the same area. The app is easy to use as you just need to register to use it. 

Special features that are included with this app include real time tracking. This means you would be able to see where your order and exactly what time it reaches your customer. This is an essential feature. You would be able to provide your customer with accurate information regarding their order’s delivery status.

Another reason you should download this app is because it has no hidden charges. So both you and your customer would see the same price and nothing more would be charged. However, this app is only available in selected cities which are:

  • Hong Kong
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore
  • Ho Chi Minh

 If your business and targeted customers are from the cities mentioned above, then go ahead and download this app. Also, there is no installation fee as this app is free. 

Return Magic

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The magic behind Return Magic is that is makes returning products simple and hassle free. You can create a return portal to suit your brand by customising colours, text and CSS, this portal will sit on your domain and will not come in interference with your store.

It is also the safest option for returns and exchanges as the app will not process anything without your approval. Return Magic gives options for you to select from: payment methods, gift cards and exchanges.

You would also, be able to view actionable insights along with advanced analytics and be able to create your own smart rules/policies for returns or exchanges, this way you would be able to manage your profit as well. 

The application comes with a free trial for days and costs 10$ (RM41.80) per month, there might also be additional charges. 

By having this application you will satisfy your customers incase the product they have purchased does not meet their expectations. You would not have to worry about making a lost as this app gives you the control in deciding the refund policy. 

Plobal Apps- Mobile App Builder

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With the increase of people carrying their phones everywhere and prefer to do their shopping using their portable gadgets why not turn your store into a mobile app? That’s why Plobal comes in next on our list of Shopify Plugins.

This would make it convenient for your target customers to come to you. People naturally prefer things that are fast and less complicated. 

Users have the options of filtering sizes, prices, colours, etc of products to further assit them in narrowing down their options. Another super cool thing about this application is that it studies the users and would show them products based on their likings. 

You could also easily build a beautifully constructed mobile application and have targeted campaigns to drive more installations.

By purchasing this application for 99$ (RM414) per month, you will be able to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience. However, this application would be suggested for bigger businesses. This is because they have a wide customer area. While start ups and small business might not gain profit from this app. 

Also it would be best if you were to analyse your customers before purchasing this application, find out through surveys or inquiries if your customers are willing to download the mobile application.

The price of the application is not cheap, so be sure you really need this app before purchasing it. Plus, it includes a trial for 14 days. 

Personalized Recommendations by LoopClub

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Simply put, Personalized Recommendations does exactly what it name suggests. It allows you to personalized recommendations for your customers, which allows your business to gain more profit and your products to be noticed more. It basically takes care of creating recommendations specifically for your target customers. 

For example, the best seller features shows what people usually purchase from your store.Hence, it increases upselling this product. Trending products will show all your new launches and products so that your customers are aware of it. Other features include frequently bought and recently viewed. The benefit of recently viewed is so that you can keep track of what your customers actually want.

This applications is a huge benefit for start ups and established businesses as it will help them know more about their customers and also their customers will be able to take notice most of the products.

Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

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When it comes to e-commerce platforms, customer relationships are essential and it’s important for businesses to have a strong relationship with their customers, this way their business will be able to grow.

Klaviyo is a marketing tool that listens and understands visitors, subscribers and customers so that you can turn those feedbacks or information into valuable messages. You would be able to get data from pre built integrations and include any custom property. This makes it one of the best Shopify plugins to install for your shop.

It also has a strong marketing function that can set up an abandoned cart emails in minutes. Using this tool you will know when an item is added to a cart but not purchased. It also has advanced splits and filters to target certain messages. 

Best part about this application is that there are no coding involved. Just collect information using the targeting options available. You could also get sign up forms which you can use to collect emails. 

Klaviyo, can also measure your marketing success.  It provides high level metrics to see how emails have helped your business. 




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