EasyStore Review: The Perfect Malaysian Platform For Beginners


EasyStore is a local website builder that is simple to use. Just like its name suggests, it’s easy. You are able to set up  your store without much trouble. It also requires zero technical abilities or even knowledge. In our Easystore review, we attempt to show you why EasyStore is perfect for beginners. 

Plans and Pricing

easystore review
EasyStore has three plans for you to choose from, each catered to a different type of seller.

EasyStore has three different Plans that you could choose from. These plans have different prices and offers different features as well. Moreover, EasyStore does not have any transaction fees even though you only signed up for the cheapest plan and it includes bonuses when you sign up. Other benefits is that you are entitled to get a 30%-50% discount when you sign up for the annual plans. You are also entitled to a free trial before when you are starting up your store. 

EasyStore does not charge you anything for setting up your store as compared to a custom website. Moreover the hosting fee is already included in your monthly fees. As for the domain fee, it’s RM30-40 per year for monthly plans and for annual plans it’s already included in the fees. 

 So let’s take a further look into what some might call the most important part of this EasyStore review, their plan and prices :

Lite Plan

It is the most affordable plan for only RM59/month. However with this plan there are limited features and it’s only encouraged if your store is meant to be small. It’s also advised that once your store grows to upgrade to one of the other plans. If you want to get a 30% discount on the Lite plan try signing up for the annual plan instead. This will lessen your monthly cost from RM59/month to RM53.10/month The Lite Plan also limits the number of products you can show to 100 and it can only have a maximum of two staff accounts. This is to be expected as this is the cheapest plan available from EasyStore, which means that your options will be somewhat limited.

However, for a startup that’s just getting started, EasyStore covers all the bases. Some of the features that is included in the Lite Plan includes;

  • Mobile optimization
  • 5 App integration
  • Flexible Shipping options,
  • Multi-currency support
  • Discounts and Vouchers,

And many more. This shows you that if you are just starting out, then the Lite Plan will be perfect for you! But when your business gets larger, that’s when you have to think about shifting to other plans.

Standard Plan

f you are established business store, this is the perfect plan for you as you can showcase over 100 products compared to the Lite Plan which has a limit on the amount of products it can display. It’s only RM199/month and can be reduced to RM99/month if you choose the annual option. It allows you to also have a maximum of 3 staff accounts and a number of products for wholesale portal. As for the features, you will be getting all the features of the Lite Plan, but with a few added bonus features, such as;

  • Free gift promo
  • Purchase with Purchase promo
  • Reward credit
  • Customer Grouping
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Auto recovery
  • Express Check Out
  • Retail POS system
  • Wholesale Portal

As you can see from the difference in features offered by the Lite Plan and the Standard Plan, you can see clearly that the Standard Plan is meant to be used by the more established businesses, compared to the Lite Plan.

Some of the features that help a really well-established business is the abandoned cart recovery, Customer Grouping, Reward Credit, and the Wholesale portal. These are all features that will help you really make a name for yourself in the eCommerce business, and set apart your online store.

In terms of value for money, I can say that the Standard Plan offered by EasyStore is near perfect for it’s targeted market.

Business Plan

The business plan is only recommended if you are a well established store with lots of products and staff. It is RM499/month so be very sure of what type of business you own before going for this option. Also if you select the annual option, you get a 50% discount, which translates to RM249.50/month.  With the business plan you will get unlimited access to all the features EasyStore has to offer. But seeing that it is the Business Plan, and aimed for thriving enterprises, EasyStore offers features that are aimed at enterprises.

This can be seen by the removal of limitations from some features, such as unlimited products and storage, unlimited staff accounts, and unlimited app integrations. The removal of limits means that your business is now as well unlimited. If your business grows into a mega conglomerate, EasyStore can still accomodate you.

Other features offered in the Business Plan includes;

  • Custom Domain (only with the annual purchase)
  • Wholesale portal
  • Password Protected access
  • Custom Price list

The Business Plan offered by EasyStore makes for a very interesting proposition, as it is a plan for enterprises, but still at a very affordable rate. However, if your business has gone international, then it might be better to go for other options for your eCommerce platform, such as Shopify.

Themes and Design



EasyStore review
For an easier time while setting up your website, EasyStore offers a bevy of themes for you to pick from

EasyStore provides design templates that are clean and modern. There are about 50 pre-designed themes to choose from. It’s easy and fast to set up, you don’t need any designing skills.

However, these designs aren’t customizable. The templates have fixed styles and structures. If you want to customize you would have to hire a skilled developer who is familiar with EasyStore themes.

And as mentioned in previous reviews, a non customizable theme is problematic for an eCommerce store, as it makes your store look generic. After all, there might be another online store out there using the same template as you. So in our EasyStore review, this will have to count as a minus for EasyStore.

Now let’s look at their design capabilities.


Unfortunately, EasyStore really doesn’t have a way you can customize and design the themes to your liking. And this further compounds the issue of a generic website, as the edits you can make is minimal and inconsequential at best. Thus brings us to the first minus for this EasyStore review.

Therefore, if you want to make a one of a kind website, EasyStore might not be for you. Or you’ll have to shell out more money for a developer who can design your own theme.


EasyStore offers a few features that are designed to benefit its users. So in this part of this EasyStore review, let’s look at the features. Listed below are some of  EasyStore’s most notable features:

Sales Channel Marketplace Sync Apps

EasyStore Review
EasyStore offers a lot of sales channel to help you sell your products easier.

Just like SiteGiant, EasyStore also offers a sales channel integration to your online store. This feature allows you to sync your store products easily with other online marketplaces such as Lazada and 11 Street. It gives you a variety of sales channels without you having to do much work.

It’s super easy to use. All you have to do is install the apps to your store. Once you have done that you can sync any products you would like to sell on your seller account in those apps. This saves you so much time and energy.

This feature shows how in touch EasyStore is with the Malaysian crowd. Right now, Malaysian online shoppers prefer to buy their products from big marketplace such as Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon. This is a very good feature to help you sync your products across all those marketplaces.

Integrate EasyParcel, GetResponse and other services with One-Click

In case you were wondering what did app integration from EasyStore means, let me explain it to you. Just like any other good eCommerce platforms, EasyStore have their own app store, which allows you to install apps that help running your store easier.

EasyStore Review
EasyStore has apps that you can install to help you run your online business in more efficient ways.

EasyStore makes app integrations easy, just pick from the list of apps provided and they get integrated into your website with a click. It saves you money as usually you would have to hire someone to do this for you or you might even have to waste your time to do it by yourself. 

By clicking install on the application you require, you will be able to use it’s features once installation is complete. 

Various Payment Options Available

EasyStore Review
EasyStore offers a lot of payment methods to help your customers pay any way they want.

There are many payment gateways available on EasyStore. This makes it easy for your customers to choose their preferred payment method when purchasing from you. The payment methods range from the typically popular ones to even the least popular ones. 

Easily Set Up Discounts and Promotions

EasyStore review
EasyStore allows you to setup discounts easily for your customers, creating more incentive for them to buy from you.

One way to attract your customers is through special promotions and discounts. EasyStore has a large number of preset discounts that you could choose from. It’s super simple, all you need to do is select the discount and configure it.

Customer Service

As mentioned before, customer service is one of those details that are very easily overlooked, but still one of the most important facets of an eCommerce platform to be looked at. So in this part of the EasyStore review, we’re going to look at that.

Because as an entrpreneur, you want your queries to be solved as quick as possible, without any delay. And good customer service is the key to that.

For EasyStore’s customer service they are considered to be one of the best. This is because while setting up your store you can easily chat with their customer service crew through chat. All you have to do is click on ‘New Conversation’. They usually get back to you within 24 hours except during festive seasons. 

And, the also have a live chat to assist online shoppers.


EasyStore has most of the basic features required for an e-commerce store to run smoothly. It’s also designed to make it easy for anyone to use and it does not require you to be super informative in terms of the technical aspects.

So for our EasyStore review, we’ll say that it’s a good way to start you business especially if you have a small budget. It is also perfect for Malysians who are targeting the Malaysian market. This is the perfect  website builder for any beginner. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for EasyStore now!

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