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Essential Features You Should Look For From Your Ecommerce Website Builder (Part One)


In our previous article, we have already mentioned why every eCommerce entrepreneur needs a website of their own. Now in this article, let’s go through the most important features that every online shopping website needs. If you’re looking to create an online shop in Malaysia, here’s what you’ll need from your eCommerce website builder.

Shopping Cart

The first feature is probably a no brainer, the shopping cart. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling in your website, it will be of no use if there’s no shopping cart feature for your customers! Back in the early days of eCommerce websites, customers had to buy each item individually, which creates a lot of unnecessary procedures for them. The shopping cart helps the customers track their purchases, and they can also buy in bulk. A shopping cart software is not hard to get, and prominent ones include Shopify, 3D cart, and more.

Integrated Payment Services

It doesn’t matter just how advanced or amazing your products are, without a good payment service, no one will buy anything from your website. Go to any big brand’s eCommerce website, and you will see that all of them features an amazing integrated payment gateway. This allows their customer to pay however they can, and does not limit their options. If you’re looking to go global with your business, this is a must need feature. Paypal is a solid option for a payment service, as it’s widely used.

High Resolution Photos And Videos

Let’s face it. There are still some people who are apprehensive about online purchases, because they can’t see or touch the products themselves. For now, there’s not really a way to circumvent that, but the best thing you can do for your customers is provide high quality pictures and videos. With high quality pictures and videos, your customer will be able to tell the quality of your products, and any insecurity they have can be alleviated.

Mobile Responsive Website

Back in 2017, Google declared that any websites that is not responsive for mobiles will be left behind in terms of SEO. So if you want your business to constantly be on the first page of Google search, then you need to make your website responsive for mobile screens, as well as the traditional computer screens. If that’s not reason enough, studies have shown that one out of three online purchases are made on mobile. So if your website is not mobile responsive, you’re potentially losing out on 1/3rd of your customer base.

Customer Service

One thing every online shopping website needs to understand is that it doesn’t matter how smooth they try to make their website, there will always be unexpected kinks. So in order to solve these problems when it happens, your website should have a working customer support. Be it a livechat feature or a FAQ section, you will be doing your customers a huge favor if you integrate this feature in your website. If you’re looking to create an online shop in Malaysia, then you need this feature.

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