Essential Features You Should Look For From Your Ecommerce website builder (Part Two)


In our previous article, we have already discussed 5 essential features that you need from your eCommerce website builder. Now in this article, we’re going to show you 5 more essential features for your website.

If you’re talking about eCommerce in Malaysia, then these are the features that your website simply can’t live without.

User Generated Reviews

ecommerce website builder
Even a massive site like Zalora uses a review function to let customers give their feedback.

Some people think that the most important consideration factor for a customer to purchase something is high quality images of the product.

Although images certainly does help, there is one thing that is more important for the customers than images. And that is reviews.

Some eCommerce websites stay away from putting reviews on their website, because they are afraid of bad reviews. It’s completely understandable. Bad reviews are embarrassing. But believe it or not, it does more good for a website than bad.

You see, when a website chooses not to show their bad reviews, most customers feel like the website is censored. This will automatically cause them to believe that even the positive reviews are fake.

By showing them all the reviews, you lend credibility to your good reviews. If you have more bad reviews than good, then it’s time you improve.


ecommerce website builder
A wishlist can help the customers to tell you what kind of products they want to see in the future from your online business.

This is something that most eCommerce company still don’t see the importance of yet. But I can assure you, this is one of the best and most essential feature for an eCommerce website, and something that you should definitely ask for from your eCommerce website builder.

Some eCommerce proprietors believe that a wishlist is something superficial. But the truth is that it has a very strategic presence in eCommerce websites, and it should be considered essential.

Why is a Wishlist so important for your online business? Simple.

A Wishlist allows your customer to mark what they want to buy from your business in the future. This allows you to take note what your customers want, and allows for easy restocks.

A Wishlist also allows you to understand what your customers want, and what kind of products will be appreciated among your audience. To take it one step further, you can ask your customers for their email address, and you will email them once the product they want becomes available.

The email addresses you get from this can be used to send further promotions to them, send newsletters, and many more.

And that’s just one of the many reasons a Wishlist is underrated, and why you should have one.

Related Items Post

A Related Items Post is one of the best ways you can persuade your customers to keep shopping.

This one is simple. It’s an easy way to get your customers to spend more money on your website.

For most customers, a related items post is the best way to coax them to continue shopping. By showing them items that might be related to the items they are perusing right now, you are maximizing the potential for your customers to get more items.

There are multiple ways to utilize this feature. Some companies like Amazon use them by showing them items that are usually bough together with the current item. Fashion companies usually use them to show two pieces that goes together very well.

Anyway you use it, it’s no doubt that a related items post will help your business.

Security Features

Let’s face it, an eCommerce business’ main purpose is trying to get customers to buy stuff from the website.

But this purpose is practically impossible without the proper security features on your website.

According to statistics, identity theft is one of the biggest rising crimes in recent years. Which is why without proper security features, you’ll find it hard to persuade your customers to buy things from your online store. Especially if you’re looking to build an online store in Malaysia.

Which is why when choosing an eCommerce website builder, it’s imperative that you ask them for security features on your website.

Some of the most important security features for an eCommerce store includes;

SSL certificate – establishes secure connectivity between a user and the website. Look for HTTPS and a green lock in the address bar before trusting an online store with your information.

Two-factor authentication – adds an extra layer of security by requiring username/password and a system-generated code sent via email or text.

Firewall – provides a gateway or wall between two networks and permits authorized traffic and blocking malicious traffic.
Privacy policy link in footer – addresses the website’s privacy policies and promises customer data is not shared with third parties.

Scalable Hosting

Before this, almost all of the features we discussed are aimed at the customers. That’s natural, seeing that the customers are the most important part of an eCommerce website.

But for the last one, let’s talk about a feature for you. And that’s a scalable hosting service for your eCommerce website.

Some proprietors might not see the importance of this, but if you’re ambitious, then this is very important.

What scalable hosting does is that it allows your website to get more and more traffic. In a rigid hosting system, your website will face trouble once your traffic exceeds your hosting capabilities.

With a scalable hosting system, it will be able to handle the higher traffic demands, as your traffic grows.

So if you have ambition that your shop is going to grow, then demand from your eCommerce website builder for a scalable hosting system.

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