How to Set Up Your Own Shopify Store


Like we’ve mentioned in our previous articles, Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there for Malaysians, so it makes sense to sign up for them. But how do you sign up for Shopify? And how do you set up your own Shopify store? In this article, we’ll show you how to do exactly that.


Sign Up for Shopify’s 14 days free trial

How to shopify
Signing up with Shopify is fairly easy to do, and they offer a 14 days free trial so you can see what they’re about.


By signing up for the free trial you will be given more than enough time to browse through all of the features Shopify has to offer. All you need to get started is your email address. 

Fill in the Basic Details of Your Store

how to shopify
You’ll have to fill in your store details to help Shopify set up your store.

After signing in with your email address, you will need to answer a few questions about yourself and your store. This makes it easier for Shopify to help you find which ways will be best for you. 


Add Products and Customize Your Theme


Next, you will see Shopify’s dashboard after answering the questions. The dashboards will show you all the features that are made available in Shopify. To begin, you will see the action items on the homepage. Here, the first step would be ‘ Add a product to start selling’ followed by ‘Customize your online store to match your brand’. 

how to shopify
Shopify allows you to add products in an easy and efficient manner, so you can keep track of your products.

By clicking on the ‘Add Product’ button, you will basically be adding a new product to your store. By doing so, you will be lead to a page where all necessary information about your product can be added. This includes a title, description, images, weight and other important details.

how to shopify

how to shopify

how to shopify
Adding new products is a breeze, thanks to Shopify’s beginner friendly dashboard and features.

The last step is to click ‘Save Product’. This will then add that particular product to your store. Also keep in mind that you are allowed to add as many products as you have to your store.


Choose and Customise your Store Theme


After your products have been added, you can now customise your theme. There are two types of themes available: free and premium. 

how to shopify
Shopify’s theme store offers a lot of designs for your websites that help make your website feel distinct.

To browse through the free themes, simply click on ‘Explore free themes’ and if you would like to check out the premium themes, click on ‘Visit theme store’ at the bottom of the page.

Shopify also allows you to customize your own theme. If you wish to do so just click on the ‘Customize’ button which is located on the top. It will then direct you to the page as shown below: 

how to shopify
Shopify’s Drag and Drop feature ensures that it is friendly even for people who are not familiar with coding.

The customizer is made simple to use. Everything is about drag-and-drop, this means you can do it on your own. You are enabled to edit how your homepage is portrayed and how your products are displayed.

Purchasing a Domain Name


The last step is to buy a domain name to make things legit. By purchasing a domain name it gives a more professional feel to your store. 

How to shopify
Buying domains gives a more credible and professional feel to your website.

People will be more interested to purchase from you compared to someone who uses a free domain name. This is because the free name contains the extension of another company. 

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name:

  • Use names with 2-3 syllables as it’s easy for people to remember
  • Pick words that are easy to spell as it will prevent spelling errors among other people
  • Ensure your domain name reflects the products you are selling
  • Try to use .com as people are used to associating it with the internet rather than .co, .net and others.

After adding your products, customizing you theme and buying your domain name, you’re basically all done.

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