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New E-Commerce Marketing Strategy: Instagram


As you know, the usage of social media is rising among people everyday. Currently, Instagram is one of the top used applications. Everywhere you go, you can find people scrolling on the application viewing and liking posts. It is an opportunity to increase the growth of visual and video marketing. 

E-commerce marketing

This is a new way E-commerce marketing could step up their game. Brands could use the application’s readily available features and business tools to increase its audience and reach out to more people. There are many big brands such as Starbucks, Micheal Kors and even Nike who are using Instagram to help market their products and to boost their reach. Besides, smaller businesses could also benefit from the application if they put in enough effort and thought into how they are going to plan their social media content strategy.

This article provides tips and strategies to utilize Instagram to help improve your E-commerce marketing to maximize your traffic.

Crowdsource Your Content

Instead of you promoting your product and making it seem like you are boasting, get your consumers to do it for you. This means that the visuals you use on your instagram should be from real people. But how do you do it?

Launch a campaign or contest

E-commerce marketing

To get your consumers to send you pictures or tag you in their pictures is very easy. As you know, everyone wants to be noticed on social media so whenever there is a campaign or contest involved people would want to join especially if it would make their account be noticed as well. 

Your campaign or contest should encourage people to share and tag you in their posts. This way when people view your profile and go to your tags, they would see many people with your product. Moreover, you could even repost the pictures or videos from your consumers on you Instagram stories or posts.

Besides, encouraging tagging you should also ensure you generate a hashtag for the campaign. The hashtag should be relatable and easy to remember plus it should be unique so that when people click on that hashtag on your brand pops up.

Pick a theme

Your campaign should always have a theme, this makes categorizing it easier. For example, if your business involves selling clothes and you know Halloween is coming up, run a campaign that would allow users to use your brand’s clothes while incorporating the theme as well. An important tip is to keep the theme broad as narrow themes may not attract as many people. This is due to the time and effort they might have to put in with narrow themes.

Use these contents that are created by your consumers to generate more sales, for example if they post themselves wearing or carrying a certain product comment or tag them in something similar that might attract their attention. Another way to link people from Instagram to your site is to include your link in the bio section.

Use Videos

E-commerce marketing

Moreover, Instagram is not just about posting pictures, it includes the option of posting videos for up to 60 seconds either on your main postings or stories. Moreover, now it has the option of IGTV as well, so do your research and explore with the video tools available on Instagram. Furthermore, just like how there are filters for pictures on Instagram, their videos also include this feature. If you also wish to make your stories and InstaLive videos special, there are various other filter options available. Be sure that you take your time in learning the applications tools before jumping right ahead.

E-commerce marketing

Brands such as Lovisa would repost their most loyal consumers wearing their products on their main posts. This basically means, if you notice one of your users always tags you in their posts with your product, repost it this would show your appreciation towards them. Moreover, it’s always a way of attracting other people to buy your product and do the same. E-commerce marketing is about letting your brand be more visible. The best way to do it is by interacting with your consumers.  Instagram users always feel the need to be popular and noticed. Use this strategy for your business, market yourself using their need for fame.

Behind The Scenes Content

E-commerce marketing

Moving on, instead of just showing pictures and videos of your product, show what happens behind the scenes. This is a very good way for your business to engage with your consumers and target audience. Utilize Instagram Live, this way you can take your audience on a tour and answer their questions and inquiries at the same time.

Images Should Reflect Brand’s Personality

E-commerce marketing

Next, the most essential part of E-commerce marketing is displaying your very own identity. I am sure, your brand would already have a certain personality it is portraying. For example, it could be professional, summer or even happy. Take a look at Coca-Cola, it has established itself with a happy and carefree personality that transmits on all it’s postings.

New Feature: Checkout

A new feature called Checkout has been included in Instagram. It is said to be one of the most useful features for Ecommerce marketing. Currently, this feature is only being tested with the top twenty brands including Kylie Cosmetics, Uniqlo, Nike and more.

E-commerce marketing

The reason this feature is unique is because, you are able to purchase the product of your choice within the application. That is seriously a major thing for E-commerce platforms as it gives their consumers an easier alternative. Furthermore, users can also track, manage and return that product within the application. This feature is certainly a game changer that will smoothen the consumer’s online shopping experience. 

Instagram is certainly allowing room for E-commerce marketing to evolve. Although, the checkout feature might not be available yet there are still many other tools that the application has. These tools would give room for your business to become recognized and unique among your current and future consumers. 

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