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Why You Need Your Own Online Shop


With the advent of online marketplace and social media as a valid buying/selling platform, some people who are jumping into eCommerce might feel like they don’t even need their own online shop to start their eCommerce venture.

But the truth is, you still need your own website. Social media and online marketplaces can help with your business of course, but your own website will still go a long way.

Here’s why you need your own online store in Malaysia:

Online Shops Allows You To Really Know Your Customers

One advantage that a fully customized website offers is that it allows you to fully know your audience. With your own website, you will also gain access to countless features that will help with knowing your audience, such as their demographics, location, how they found your website and more.

You can also analyze their behaviour on your website, such as the path they took before buying from you, what they looked at before settling on one product, and more. Behavioural analytics can also be helpful when determining reasons for failed conversions.

Online Shops Allows You To Interact With Your Customers

A custom website allows for a whole new level of interaction with your customers. By incorporating a Call-To-Action (CTA) button, you can get your customers’ contact details and add them to an email list.

The email list is very useful for many purposes. You can inform your customers of your latest promotions, you can send them surveys to help you improve their experience, and many more!

Although social media sites such as Facebook and e-commerce platforms like Shopify has continously improved their sites for online business, it still pales in comparison to having a fully customisable website.

Online Shops Gives Credibility To Your Brand

When you sell your products on an online marketplace, Facebook, or Instagram, you are greatly hindered by the capabilities of their site.

Especially for social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, your customization capabilities is very limited. The way your shop is set up is similiar to every other shop on the same website.

This makes your brand forgettable and exchangeable with other brands on the same site, because everything looks the same. With your own online shop in Malaysia, you can customize your layouts, you can incorporate custom buttons and more.

But most importantly you can ensure that your brand is the main focus of the website.

Online Shops Grants You Unlimited Freedom

And lastly but not least, an e-commerce website also gives you total freedom for how you handle your website. Your own online shop gives you the freedom to run your business how you see fit. What do you want the customers see first? What should be the focus of their attention? All these factors might not be editable if you use the a ready made platform, like social media or Shopify.

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