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Why You Should Create Your Own eCommerce Website


First of all, before we get into the reasons you should leap into eCommerce, first let’s make it clear what exactly is eCommerce. In the most basic definition of the word, eCommerce refers to the transaction of buying and selling that happens on the internet. Those websites you see selling products, services, and everything else? Well that’s an eCommerce website.

Okay, now that we cleared up what eCommerce is, do you still need a reason to jump into eCommerce? If you do, let’s just start with this.

1. eCommerce Website Is Growing Bigger And Bigger, Every Year

To show you just how massive eCommerce is, here’s a statistic for you. In 2018, eCommerce sales reached $2.8 trillion globally, and as if that’s not enough, the number is estimated to grow to $4.8 trillion in just three years, by 2021.

Not convinced yet? How about this; in 2017, eCommerce sales made up for 23.1% of all total sales in China, and the number is projected to grow even more in coming years. Even that number is a huge jump from 2016, when it made up for 19% of all sales.

This two numbers should be more than enough to show you guys that eCommerce is a thing, and it is something that you should jump into as soon as possible.

2. 24/7 Availability, All Over The World

If you have been running a normal physical store, you’ll find that your earning capability is limited by your operation hours. Meaning, if you close your store, then you’re not earning any money.

But that’s not the case with eCommerce. The very nature of eCommerce is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is a working internet connection, and a device that can access the internet.

eCommerce also allows you to be available for everyone all over the globe. Even an eCommerce shop based in Malaysia can be accessed all the way in Russia. Hence, people from any country can buy your products. That’s something that is not possible with traditional physical stores.

3. eCommerce Website Is Super Easy And Convenient To Start Up

Unlike the process that comes with opening up a physical store, an eCommerce venture can be really easy and simple to start, especially nowadays with all the help you can get online.

There are guides to help you (such as ours), tools to help you maintain your business and to track your sales and customers, SEO tools to help your business gets noticed, and many more. There are even eCommerce websites to help you with the setting up, such as Shopify. With all these help available online, it is safe to say that almost anyone can start an eCommerce business.

4. More And More Customers

As explained in the first point, the numbers for total sales in eCommerce just keeps growing and growing every year. But that’s not the only thing that’s growing.

Did you know that in 2018, 51% of Americans would rather shop online? Here’s another statistic for you, in America, almost 8 out of 10 people are online shoppers. That means that if you do not equip yourself with eCommerce capabilities, your business is likely losing out on 8 out of 10 customers.

5. Less Risks

One of the biggest factors that stop people from starting their own business is the risk that comes with it. After all, starting a business often involves someone putting all their eggs in one basket, and hoping` that it works out.

But with an eCommerce website, that is no longer the case. eCommerce is online, which means that there are usually less overhead to worry about, as you’re not running a physical store.

All you need is a product, a good eCommerce website, and your business is ready to go.

Convinced you should create an eCommerce website? Read a step-by-step guide on creating your own eCommerce website here. So what are you waiting for? Start by creating your own online shop in Malaysia.

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